Tianjin University

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Tianjin University (TianjinUniversity), formerly known as Beiyang University, was founded on October 2, 1895. It is the first modern university in China. In 1951, it was renamed as “Tianjin University” by the national faculty, and has been used to date. Tianjin University is taught as “seeking truth from facts” by Zhao Tianlin, former president of Beiyang University and famous legal scientist. During his tenure as President (1914-1920), Zhao Tian-lin summarized the experience of teaching students at Beiyang University, summed up the four words “truth”. “The flower is kind, the north of the sea, the weiwei college north ocean high”. Tianjin University is located in the historical and cultural city of Tianjin, the economic center of northern China. It is a key national university under the Ministry of Education. Key building universities, member universities of the “Union of Excellence Universities”, "Central Europe Engineering education platform”, “Sino-Russian Federation of Technology Universities”, one of China's famous “eight old architecture schools”. As of March 2014, Tianjin University has 24 colleges (faculets) and 57 undergraduate degrees. There are 2,446 full-time teachers, of whom 572 are professors and 931 associate professors. Of the 4489 faculty and staff, 5 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 17 members of the double-hired academician, 40 were selected for the National “Thousand People Plan”, 75 were selected for the Tianjin “Thousand People Plan”, 38 were appointed professors and lecturers of “Changjiang Scholars”, and 15 were at the national level. 7 winners of the Master of Science Award, 26 recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, The Ministry of Personnel has 23 national candidates for the “Project of Millions of Talents in the New Century”, and the Ministry of Education has 158 candidates for the “New Century Outstanding Talents Support Plan”. There are one national innovation research group, nine national teaching team, eight innovation team of the Ministry of Education, and one national defense science and technology innovation team. In the field of academic development, Tianjin University has formed a discipline layout that combines work with science and engineering, and coordinated development of economics, management, literature, law, education and other disciplines. The school includes engineering, science, management, education, economics, medicine, literature, law, philosophy, and art, seven national key subjects (covering 21 secondary subjects), eight secondary subjects, two national key subjects (education), and two secondary subjects (education), Tianjin, Tianjin, China 27 key subjects of the city. The school song of Tianjin University, also known as Beiyang University, was created in 1935 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Beiyang University, the first university in modern China. School song author Xiao Youmei, Uncle Liu. The school song summarizes Beiyang University's journey of education and industrial salvation, and stimulates the sense of responsibility and mission of the students, and reflects the school spirit and fine tradition. The lyrics are: Huandi is kind, north of the mountain, weiwei college north ocean high. Long known as history, building as compatriots. “We should transform China on the ground,” he said. Poor learning, vibration engineering, heavy experiments, thin carvings. Ying Hua Zhuo, the forerunker, should be followed up by efforts to follow up. “I wish to share the reputation of the school with one heart and one spirit,” he said. Famous alumni include Wang Tu-hui, Tang Shao-yi, Chen Li-fu, Xu Zhimo, Mao Yisheng, Hou De-bang, Ma Yin-chu, Wu Zi-liang, Shi Chang-xu, Liu Xian-zhou, Zhang Tai-lei, Xu Mu, Wang Zheng-ting, Zhang Han-ying, Rong Zhijian, Li Xinggang

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