Ocean University of China

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Ocean University of China was founded in 1924 and became one of China's 13 key universities in 1960. For an English introduction about the universtiy, go here: http://www.ouc.edu.cn/english/ The International Chinese Business Program (ICBP) is one of the oldest in China of its kind and was established in 1997. The program targets students from around the world, who aim to deepen their knowledge and understanding about Chinese business. The ICBP is held twice a year (in spring and fall) and currently takes place for the 25th time. Each program lasts 15 weeks and consists of company excursions, guest lectures and 7 core courses such as: - Chinese Language - Chinese Culture - Business Management - Marketing Management - Investment in China - China & The World Economy - Wu Shu & Tai Ji For an English introduction about the program, go here: http://iec.ouc.edu.cn/haida/shangwuban.HTM

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