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  • Bayesian Inference in Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models

    One of the fundamental tasks of science is to find explainable relationships between observed phenomena. One approach to this task that has received attention in recent years is based on probabilistic graphical modelling with sparsity constraints on model structures. In this paper, we describe two new approaches to Bayesian inference of sparse structures of Gaussian graphical models (GGMs). One is based on a simple modification of the cutting-edge block Gibbs sampler for sparse GGMs, which results in significant computational gains in high dimensions. The other method is based on a specific construction of the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampler, which results in further significant improvements. We compare our fully Bayesian approaches with the popular regularisation-based graphical LASSO, and demonstrate significant advantages of the Bayesian treatment under the same computing costs. We apply the methods to a broad range of simulated data sets, and a real-life financial data set.

    09/27/2013 ∙ by Peter Orchard, et al. ∙ 0 share

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