Waifu2x API

by Nagadomi 149

Waifu2x is an algorithm that upscales images while reducing noise within the image. It gets its name from the anime-style art known as 'waifu' that it was largely trained on. Even though waifus made up most of the training data, this waifu2x api still performs well on photographs and other types of imagery. You can use Waifu2x to double the size of your images while reducing noise.

url upload file upload

API Docs
curl \
    -F 'image=YOUR_IMAGE_URL' \
    -H 'api-key:YOUR_API_KEY' \

Noise Reduction

of your anime images

Reduce noise and artifacts to improve your waifu image library


upscales your waifu images

Improve the resolution and reduce noise in images if your favorite anime characters

Upscale Waifu

images automatically

Waifu2x is the best algorithm for improving the quality of your anime photos through noise reduction and improved image resolution

Reduce Noise in Waifus

The Waifu2x algorithm reduces noise within images of waifus and general photographs. Trained on waifu imagery, it's particularly effective on noise reduction in anime-style art.

Increased Waifu Resolution

Waifu2x doubles the resolution of any input image.