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Contrastive and Non-Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning Recover Global and Local Spectral Embedding Methods

Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) surmises that inputs and pairwise positiv...

SwinVRNN: A Data-Driven Ensemble Forecasting Model via Learned Distribution Perturbation

Data-driven approaches for medium-range weather forecasting are recently...

HIRL: A General Framework for Hierarchical Image Representation Learning

Learning self-supervised image representations has been broadly studied ...

Understanding Gradient Descent on Edge of Stability in Deep Learning

Deep learning experiments in Cohen et al. (2021) using deterministic Gra...

VulBERTa: Simplified Source Code Pre-Training for Vulnerability Detection

This paper presents VulBERTa, a deep learning approach to detect securit...

Ground-Truth Labels Matter: A Deeper Look into Input-Label Demonstrations

Despite recent explosion in research interests, in-context learning and ...