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University of Seoul


The University of Seoul, established and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, has through its 90 year history produced the leaders at the forefront of our urban communities. It is consolidating its place as a world-renowned center for the urban sciences, spearheading comprehensive research on the broad range of issues in today's metropolitan cities. The University of Seoul will continue to uphold its reputation as the epic center for the urban sciences. It will pay close attention to the various aspects of the global information and knowledge-based society, taking a leading role in shaping its future. Standing in the forefront of the 21st century, the University of Seoul addresses the needs of the information and culture industries and also of those industries that are unique to metropolitan cities such as Seoul. Continuing its close cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the University of Seoul will strengthen its role as its brain-trust and fulfill its responsibility in providing a wide range of educational opportunities for the citizens of Seoul. It is a university the city of Seoul and its great citizens take pride as their own.

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