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The Feamais project emerged as an unfolding of FEAUSP's 60th anniversary celebration in 2006. In the view of the directors, it was necessary to narrow the laos with the graduated students (Alumni) through a perennial program of relationship. In order to get to know its Alumni, and offer them the exchange of knowledge and resources with the University, Feamais today has several fronts, such as the search for project funding, several social media and the portal, the main means of interaction with registered people. The first step towards the realization of this community is the identification of them: there are few reliable databases of registers of people. It is important that the registration is done correctly on the portal (http://www.usp.br/feamais/) so that we can know FEAUSP Alumni and their needs. Thus, the relationship program be complete. Anyway, the relationship built by both you and the FEA together. Send photos of your old class, book reunions with your friends from so long, review the campus where you studied in your youth... Share good times with your friends, with your colleagues, today and always.

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