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In 94, the university became 50 years old... Sharif University of Technology entered the 50th year of its establishment. According to the experience of commemorating the fortieth year of university establishment in 84, and according to the approval of 1392, it was approved the academic year 94-95 coincided with the fiftieth year of university establishment. Introduction of university services and achievements in educational, research and cultural fields during 50 years of honorable activities and strengthening the scientific and cultural position of the university and documenting the activities of the university are the goals of this commemoration. Documentation, interview and formulation of oral history of the university, formation of the center of the treasury of documents and museum of technology and equipment of the university are among the programs and actions of the secretariat. The Documentation Secretariat of the Commemoration Headquarters has started its activities in October 92, and the Board of Directors of the University formed the main staff members. In order to coordinate and plan a committee with representatives of educational, research, research, student, cultural as well as plan and program management, public relations, international affairs and the Association of graduates and faculty representatives. In this committee, programs of different fields were collected and formulated. With the change of university management in 1393, a new headquarters was formed in the summer of 1394 in order to plan and monitor the activities of the 50th year. Also committees were formed to plan the activities and programs of the faculty as well as the commemoration ceremony and international programs and documentation. Thus, the commemoration ceremony of the 50th year was held on 29/2/95 with the presence of guests from officials, graduates and pioneers. Also, academic commemoration programs and several other activities were performed by some fields of university.

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