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Owner of an entrepreneurial spirit and guided by ideals related to education and social actions, Fr. Savoy de Medeiros — avant-garde Jesuããããããe de Medeiros, who foresaw economic growth, created in 1941 the first School of Business Administration of Brazil (ESAN) and, in 1946, the former Faculty of Industrial Engineering, formerly called the Foundation of Applied Sciences (FCA), and now known as the founding of the Inaciana Educational Fr. Savoy of Medeiros — FEI. In 1975 the Institute of Industrial Research and Studies (IPEI), which aims to build a link with industry through projects and technological services. Following the steps of technological advancement, the IECAT (Institute of Specialization in Administrative and Technological Sciences) emerged in 1982, which manages Latu-Sensu graduate courses and extension courses. Both IPEI and IECAT are institutes maintained by FEI. In 1999, the Department of Information (formerly known as FCI — Faculty of Information) began to operate in the market, serving students of the Computer Sciences Course. In order to aggregate competencies and integrate Higher Education Institutions (ESAN- SP, FEI, ESAN-SBC and FCI), the University Center ¡rio da EIF emerged in 2002. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified faculty and specialized courses, FEI is a reference in management and technology, and has trained more than 50,000 professionals who act as engineers, company administrators and computer science professionals.

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