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The Mining and Metallurgical Engineering department at McGill University has a wide range of research activities from mining, mineral, and metal processing to advanced materials. They solve problems for companies in return for financial support for research activities. Predominant research areas in the mineral processing group, led by three professors with 20 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, include: Environmental control: application of mineral processing techniques to waste remediation, environmental restoration, secondary metal recovery and recycling. Powder technology: size reduction of rocks and ores, characterization of breakage behaviour. Particulate processing: solid/solid and solid/liquid separations based on physical and chemical properties such as size, density, wettability, magnetic and dielectric properties, etc. Surface chemistry: investigation and modification of surface properties of particulate systems for varied applications, such as fibre optics, biosensors and bioseparations. Process control: development of sensing techniques and control strategies for process optimization.

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