MIRAI - MRI Brain Tumor Detection API

MIRAI is a neural network that detects and outlines brain tumors in MRI brain scans. This model utilizes deep learning to be able to detect brain tumors with an accuracy that rivals that of a professional. MIRAI takes in a MRI head scan and spits out a labeled one, as well as a precise outline of the tumor. Upload an image and try it out! *Disclaimer: this model is for research purchases only and not approved for medical use or diagnosis.


Anomalies, such as Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are deadly and silent, and can be hard to detect, especially in earlier stages. MIRAI can easily detect tumors, regardless of size.


masking tumors with pixel-by-pixel accuracy

Want to know exactly where and how big the tumor is? The API outlines it so its easy for any other program or person to analyze it.


how sure is the model?

Sometimes, you just want to know how sure a doctor is about a diagnoses. Well, MIRAI gives a confidence level to do just that.

Process MRI Scans

MRI scans are commonly taken in horizontal cross-sections. MIRAI can scan these and mask them, so any patient who wants a second opinion doesn’t have to go and look for another doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

Label Brain Tumors

Just boxing a tumor is easy. MIRAI can mask it, making it clear where the boundaries of the tumor itself are.