Deep Dream API

by Google 131

Exaggerates feature attributes or textures using information that the bvlc_googlenet model learned during training.

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API Docs
curl \
    -F 'image=YOUR_IMAGE_URL' \
    -H 'api-key:YOUR_API_KEY' \ 

Deep Dream


Exaggerate features in photos and images using this model based off of Google's Deep Dream generator

Machine Dreams

look like...

Discover what it looks like when a neural network "dreams" by processing images through Deep Dream

Exaggerate Features

in images and video

Make weird images and videos even more weird with the Deep Dream generator.

Deep Dream Generator

Discover what a convolutional neural network can generate by over processing an image and enhancing features. The results is the original input image with a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance.

Enhance Features in Images

By running inference with this convolutional neural network in reverse after it was trained to detect faces and other objects, the features of an input image become exaggerated and dream-like.