Technical Architect - Computer Vision

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About Eran Innovations

Based in Indore (India) Eran Innovations is the innovation arm of Eran Group which has its business interests in multiple sectors including LED Lighting, Financial Services, High-tech Agribusiness & Real Estate et al.

Role Brief 

We are looking for a Technical Architect - Computer Vision who can own and deliver the computer vision capabilities to multiple devices using IOT, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and other modern technologies. The role will work with seasoned professionals who are onto building next generation Smart Home Products / Solutions.


● Interact with internal and external stakeholders to manage program requirements and negotiate scope, budget, resources etc

● Developing, porting and optimizing computer vision algorithms and data structures on proprietary cores; Perhaps using

● Design, implement, validate, and release applications and capabilities in C++ and Python 

● Involved in research and development effort of advanced product-critical computer vision components covering key product critical perception features such as feature extraction, tracking objects, sensor calibration.

● Integrate vision and learning as part of the complete system that operates the farm. This can touch many different parts of our system   including image processing, cloud storage, and embedded development

● Contribute to the design and implementation of the overall system that coordinates all devices.

● Integrate and test software solutions on farm hardware systems

● Write clear and testable code

● Participate in design discussions and code reviews



● Solid foundation in computer vision: photogrammetry, multi-view geometry, visual SLAM, detection and recognition, 3D reconstruction.

● 5 – 8+ years of experience in machine learning, large scale data processing / analytics.

● Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer vision (CV), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, Neural networks, OpenCV,   Keras.

● Solid programming skills with Python and C/C++

● Deep understanding of algorithms and workflows, in particular working with large scale visual data

● Strong knowledge of the state-of-the-art in computer vision algorithms and techniques with a solid understanding of OpenCV.

● Write maintainable, reusable code, leveraging test-driven principles to develop high-quality computer vision and machine learning module.

● Visualization and deeper understanding of deep learning networks

● Experience with computer vision or pattern recognition algorithms

● Ability to handle several concurrent projects

● Ability to work independently and with others

● Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills

Nice to Have

● MATLAB, OpenCV, OpenVX, Eigen, Neural networks (Caffe, Tensorflow, PyTorch) experience – a     big advantage

● Previous RTOS experience – Advantage

● Ability to work with and customize/configure sensors drivers of vision/camera. Radar/Lidar               processing exposure a plus

● Porting of already existing algorithms/ pipelines to GPU. Optimization of already existing cpu/         gpu algorithms/ pipelines – Advantage

● Deep understanding of embedded systems architecture: CPU, memory, Operating Systems and       device drivers – advantage

● Experience in optimization of software and deep learning models in Nvidia or Intel platforms is       an advantage

Key Qualifications:

● B.E / B.Tech ,M.E/M.Tech/ M Sc in Engineering domain with strong knowledge and hands on into DSP processing, hardware SoCs, kernel /   function porting/optimization on proprietary hardware cores

● Attitude and aptitude to learn and adapt to latest HW, SW and technologies

● Good communication and organization skills, with a logical approach to problem solving

● Computer vision algorithms on cloud: Research, architect, and implement high-performance computer vision software in the cloud with   state-of-the-art capabilities.

● Good time management, and task prioritization skills

● Ability to work independently and Ownership of tasks

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